Mr. Cao Yun is now a professor at the Sports Institute of Zunyi Normal University, and it is also one of the leading references in the field of martial arts and traditional Chinese physical education in China. He’s the holder of the seventh Duan of Wushu and the seventh dan of Jianshen Qigong. Besides, Mr. Cao is also a national ranking referee of Jianshen Qigong, the President of the Wushu Association of Zunyi City and a deputy secretary of the Qigong Health Association of Guizhou Province. In 2011, he won in China the first place in the competition among several Health Qigong Educational Institutes. In recent years, he has been working as a referee and a chairman of jury several times at the national Jianshen Qigong competitions.

Professor Cao Yun has a long and rich experience in the field of martial arts (Wushu), Jianshen Qigong and traditional Chinese culture, and he has dedicated himself to popularize and to promote these fields. With a solid reputation and significant influence in these areas, he regularly represents China on related visits abroad. Through his work developing the traditional Chinese culture of health and well-being among foreign organizations, he actively participates in strengthening the interaction and exchanges between traditional Chinese culture and other cultures of the world.